Due to the epidemic in the past two years, the style of weddings has changed a lot. The newlyweds began to look for unique outdoor wedding venues instead, and hold a wedding that truly belongs to two people! It is no longer like the traditional wedding form, which only invites the closest relatives and friends of the two people. It also changed the gorgeous style of the past wedding and changed to a relaxed, natural, and warm small wedding. In this true American-style outdoor wedding for two people, get together with the closest relatives and friends and have fun. In addition to arranging the American-style marriage ceremony, so that everyone can witness the beautiful love between the two, most of the time is also reserved, replacing the traditional The bride kept changing clothes, and the newlyweds walked into their relatives and friends to interact with each other, and arranged interactive mini-games or dances throughout the venue so that everyone could have a good time and have fun!
In response to the changes in the wedding market, Flora Wedding Consultant and ES Creation Photography Studio have personally visited unique venues in New Taipei City, Hsinchu, Miaoli, etc. to help you survey outdoor wedding venues one by one and evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each location. We hope it will be helpful to any newlyweds who are preparing to get married!
Today, we will take you to visit a large courtyard in downtown Taipei, an outdoor wedding venue full of Japanese style and unique literary style! The forest glass house was originally a naval hostel during the Japanese occupation, and later became the public dormitory of the National Taiwan University.

Grand Courtyard is in a quiet alley, not far from the noisy main road. As soon as you walk into the big yard, you feel like you have entered paradise. The scenery seems completely different from the outside world. You can forget the hustle and bustle of the world, and you can quietly feel the tranquility and beauty here. The outer wall of the large courtyard is made of red bricks, and the courtyard is full of greenery. There are art exhibition halls and glass house restaurants. The art and culture exhibition area is a Japanese-style historic building. The long arched windows are very elegant. The exhibition hall inside can be used as a rainy day for the outdoor wedding ceremony, and the characteristic arched windows are a great background decoration!

To hold a wedding in such a historical venue full of Japanese style and artistic atmosphere, We believe that relatives and friends will definitely leave unforgettable memories. Just imagine that in such a historical Japanese-style historic old house, surrounded by green trees, it is like a mini forest for outdoor weddings and marriage ceremonies. The newlyweds tell each other under the witness of their friends. I promise to share the love story of the two with everyone. It is as relaxing as a wedding abroad, but it is also romantic and unforgettable! And you can also arrange to visit the exhibition together with the wedding and feel the rare literary atmosphere in the Grand Courtyard.

The glass house in the large courtyard can accommodate up to 80 guests. The glass house with sunlight is very beautiful! Just imagining the picture makes me imagine the beauty, not to mention that the newlyweds can take a lot of beautiful wedding photos here. Come to the secret and independent venue, hold a warm and joyful small wedding and leave unforgettable memories with your relatives and friends for a lifetime~

Venue introduction:

Venue usage time: 09:00-15:30 / 15:30-21:30

Type of meal:

Three price packages per person (1680+10%/1880+10%/2200+10%). Vegetarian package 1280+10% per person


No. 10, Lane 248, Section 1, Heping East Road, Daan District, Taipei City.


Take the MRT to Taipower Building Station (Exit 2) and walk for about 10 minutes.


There are parking spaces in the alleys of Heping East Road. There is also the parking lot of Fuhua Wen Church and the parking lot under the Xinhai Bridge.

Hardware equipment:

speakers + movable projection equipment are provided in the glass house

Rainy day filing for the outdoor wedding ceremony:

In the exhibition hall, the retro round-arched window frame has a church atmosphere, and there is a set of 180-inch projection equipment.

Bridal Lounge:

Box in the glass house with a full-length mirror