sf city hall wedding ceremony captured by ES Creation Photography team.A sweet Russian couple had a traditional Russian wedding banquet at Fairmont Hotel and a Western wedding ceremony at The San Francisco City Hall. We were honored to be their wedding photographers and to have the opportunity to capture a Russian wedding with dancing, singing, long toasts, and a lot of food and drinks.

There were three special events at their banquet:

Toasts: I remember the first toast was made to the newlyweds and after the first shot, the guests began to shout Gorko, Gorko, Gorko,…Gorko means “bitter”. At this point, the couple kissed for a long time to take out the bitter taste of the vodka in their mouths. Into the evening, we captured so many images with the bride crying happy tears and laughing. Was that because of the Vodka or was it because Jenna was having a touching moment the whole time?

Game: They asked guests to put money in red and blue baby clothes and whichever clothes had more money, the couple’s first baby sex would be decided. I guess Jenna loved to have their first baby be a boy!

Dance, Food and Drink: They can really dance all night long with live band and vodka! Vodka with sweet and sour mushrooms, Olives were great combination too. I would say you Russian wedding is one of the most interested wedding we did in past years.